At the ISF 2010 World Seed Congress last week I had the chance to talk to Dave Sippell, President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association about the potential impacts of Bill C-474.  Dr. Sippell discusses the Canadian Seed Trade’s position and why they think this bill would be putting the future of Canadian seed innovation in the hands of foreign governments who may or not handle this new power fairly.  Dr. Sippell states that it is the position of the CSTA

If you want more background on the bill:

If you cannot see the video below, click here

2 thoughts on “The Potential Impacts of Bill C-474 – Dave Sippell, CSTA President

  1. Bill C-474 would require an export market analysis before a new genetically modified seed variety is approved.

    We need to define what an ‘Export Market Analysis’ would entail.

    How many countries, to what depth, which countries, and what type of effect would affect the approval.

  2. If having this “market assesment” in place would then lead to the Federal NDP endorsing GM technology going forward, then I might be tempted to have a hard look at it. However, I strongly suspect if you were to ask Mr. Atamanenko and his colleagues this question “If a fair market acceptance was in place, would you and your party support research, innovation and commercialization of GM traits?”, they would be still be irrevocably and idealogically opposed to GM traits in crops.

    If so, then this is nothing more than a charade to try and find a way to stop GM traits and innovation in Canada and it should be soundly defeated.

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